Understanding Your Best Investment in a Managed IT Service Provider

Managed IT Services

Using managed services to support your technology environment may prove to be a great benefit for your organization.  A well-intentioned, well-structured, and well-executed managed IT service plan will improve your effectiveness, mitigate security risks, and potentially lower your IT costs.  To achieve these outcomes, it is imperative that you set expectations and shop wisely.

What Makes for a Well-Functioning Managed IT Service Partnership? 

  • The appropriate skills complement to meet your organizational needs.
  • A partnership that delivers upon the response time that your organization requires.
  • A cost structure that is logical versus hiring, retaining, and training internal staff.
  • A successful partnership requires the commitment of both parties. 
  • A partner willing to work with your staff to improve your organizational technical capabilities.

Understand What You Have

1. Start with an inventory

  • How many users do you have?
  • What IT systems do you use and where are they located (premise, cloud, hybrid)?
  • How many internal IT support resources do you have?
  • What technical skills does your IT staff possess (end user support, network security, technical leadership, etc.)?

Understand What You Want

1. Ask yourself, "Do we want to be in the business of IT support?

  • If so, what level of internal staff investment?
  • How much control would you like to have over this business necessity?

2. What areas need to be outsourced vs in-house for your organization?

Microsoft OS and application updates aren’t magic. Day-to-day functions can often be left to your in-house team. Is this truly a part of an on-going services plan that will bring real value to your organization?

Consider that more complex areas of your network, such as network security, group policy, management of backup/recovery, etc., may be ideal candidates for outsourcing.  

Tangible and Measurable - How Digicorp Structures a Program for You

  • Digicorp offers both on-site and remote services for maintenance.
  • At no cost to you, monthly satisfaction calls are conducted with your account manager. 
  • No long-term, expensive commitments are required. 
  • Digicorp tailors an on-going support plan that fits your needs and expectations. 

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