Cloud, Premise or Hybrid – You Have Options

Cloud, Premise or Hybrid - You Have Options

On-Premise, Cloud, or Hybrid?

The current state of technology offers many alternatives for delivering IT and telephone services. Your choices for how you work, where you work and where your applications reside continue to evolve. As it relates to telephone systems, new approaches and superior technology will improve your communications while potentially lowering your costs.

Are You Considering a New Phone System?

If you are at the point where you are considering a new phone system, it is quite possible that you are asking yourself how to proceed. There are several points for consideration, such as:

  • Voice applications are abundant. What applications will help your employees succeed and/or better serve your customers?
  • How do your employees work today and how will a new system help them work more productively?
  • Is your organization centralized or decentralized and to what degree?

Your Opinion Matters!

    • Cloud, premise and hybrid systems vary in cost – possibly substantially.
    • Many carrier services are available – selecting the right package addresses many factors such as cost and operational resiliency.
    • Many firms have come and gone from the telephony industry. A firm’s financial underpinnings will matter over the life of your investment.

Since 1976, Digicorp has been in the business of bringing telephone and IT solutions to thousands of customers. Whether a cloud, premise or hybrid-based telephone system, we will help you define your objectives, analyze your application requirements and analyze your total cost of ownership.

We will put in the work to ensure that your next telephone system is a success. Contact us today for more information.