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We Invest in Your Results

Since 1976, Digicorp has been providing computer, telephone, and video solutions for organizations in Wisconsin and Northern Illinois. In doing so, we have built a solid business. We have hired, trained, and retained outstanding employees and invested in the necessary inventory to support our customers. Further, we have retained earnings and built a strong balance sheet. We have no debt, substantial cash and great financial liquidity. We conservatively manage our financial resources so that we can honor the commitments we make to our customers, employees, and business partners. When it is time to make your next investment in computer, telephone, or video solutions, work with Digicorp. We invest in your results.

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Our extensive portfolio addresses the multiple technology needs you face, with services that include:

We are certified & experienced

  1. We partner with hundreds of award-winning companies to bring you technology solutions that make your life easier.
  2. We have locally based certified sales & technical staff to assist you with your IT and voice needs.
  3. We have over 20+ highly skilled engineers that are experienced across the data center.
  4. Our goal is the simplify the complex world of technology for you.

We Will Help You Every Step Of The Way

Our 3 Key Approach



Digicorp employs engineers of many disciplines. Accordingly, our designs will meet your application’s specifications. 



Digicorp employs quality workers, both experienced and trained, to ensure that your project is delivered on time and within budget.



We are not done until the infrastructure is tagged, toned, labeled and system certified.

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