Digicorp, Inc. Is Now A WIN Technology Company
Digicorp, Inc. has been acquired by WIN Technology allowing us to accelerate the delivery of cutting-edge digital infrastructure and IT products and services to our customers. Digicorp's robust engineering services, combined with WIN Technology's comprehensive IT solutions, has significantly enhanced our capacity to reach and serve clients across the upper Midwest.
Revolutionize Your Business with Cutting-Edge IT
Server Integration & Hardware | Network Services & Hardware | Wireless Networking | Storage Hardware & Services | Backup & Recovery | Equipment Procurement | Managed IT Services
IT Services
Secure Your Organization, Cost-Effectively
Multifactor Authentication (MFA) | Endpoint Detection & Response (EDR) | Security Information & Event Management (SIEM) | Network Access Controls (NAC) | Security Awareness Training | Data Backup & Recovery Testing Solutions | Vulnerability Assessments
Network Security Solutions
Transform Communication with Expert Voice Solutions
Cloud-Based Telephone Systems | On-Premises Telephone Systems | Unified Communications | Call Recording & Reporting | Mobility Solutions | VoIP & IP Assessments | Implementation Services & Support
Voice Solutions
Experience Improved Speeds and Cost Savings with Carrier Services
Current Bill Analysis/Consulting | Network Engineering Design | Scheduling Carrier Adds, Moves, & Changes | Carrier Billing Issues |Implementation Services & Set Up at New Locations
Carrier Services
Maximize Your Physical Security and Efficiency
Video Surveillance | Structured Cabling | Equipment Racking | UPS Power Backup Systems | Facility Services | Paging Solutions
Video Surveillance Solutions
Guarantee the Right Licensing For Your Business
Cloud-To-Cloud Backup | Cloud Print Server | Cloud Storage | Email Continuity | Email Encryption | Email Message Privacy | Email Threat Protection | Information Archiving | Endpoint Detections (AV/EDR/MDR) | Multifactor Authentication (MFA) | Microsoft Azure | MS Office 365 | Password Manager | Security Awareness Training
Software Licensing & Maintenance
All Your IT Solutions Under One Roof

All Your IT Solutions Under One Roof

Digicorp is your one-stop shop for all things IT. From comprehensive managed IT solutions to expert support, we’ve got all your IT needs covered.

IT Services

In constantly-changing business environments, you need an IT provider committed to recommending the right technology. Your IT should meet your current needs, while providing you with opportunities for future growth.

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Network Security

The challenge of protecting your data has never been greater. Information breaches are front page news. Further, organizations face liabilities associated with HIPPA, PCI, GLB, and more. You need to address these challenges while balancing the costs of doing so.

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Telephone systems are critical for your organization’s success. Since 1976, Digicorp has been providing world-class telephone systems for clients throughout WI and Northern IL.

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Carrier Services

Choosing and managing the right circuit solutions is frustrating and complex. If you feel that designing a carrier solution and dealing with the carrier is a challenge, we can help.

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Video Surveillance & Structured Cabling

With a properly designed and installed structured cabling system, you can ensure that your video surveillance operates at peak performance, providing reliable and high-quality footage.

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Software/Cloud Licensing & Maintenance

Keeping track of software and cloud licensing can feel like a full-time job. If your organization is confused by all that is needed to get licensing right, we are here to help.

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Years of Digicorp Experience Combined



Years of Industry Experience Combined

Digicorp is a leading IT service and support provider in Wisconsin and Northern Illinois.

Expert IT Service and Support | Managed IT Services | Telephony | Video Surveillance | Structured Cabling | Network Security | Subscription Management

Since 1976, our Wisconsin-owned firm has focused on helping our customers use technology to better-run their organizations. Our values are simple. We seek to provide high-quality technical solutions cost-effectively. We are committed to acting with a sense of urgency in supporting our many clients. It is our job to simplify the complex world of technology for our customers.

Are these technology issues all too familiar?

Feeling uncertain about your company’s overall security? That’s a legitimate concern. We understand the gravity of protecting your digital assets while maintaining transparency and control over costs. Our commitment to clear pricing and tailored solutions allows you to mitigate unforeseen expenses and confidently invest in the security your company deserves.

Our seasoned experts specialize in identifying and neutralizing security risks, implementing cutting-edge solutions, and ensuring compliance with industry standards. Rest assured, your company’s safety is our top priority.

Unexpected IT costs can take a toll on your budget. We understand the importance of knowing what you’re paying for and only paying for what you want. Our dedication to transparent pricing and personalized solutions means you can minimize unexpected IT costs and make informed decisions for your budget.

In our ever-changing digital landscape, aging IT infrastructure can be a source of concern for many companies. We recognize the significance of having a clear long-term strategy in place. We are committed to providing tailored solutions and transparent guidance.

By implementing a well-defined long-term IT strategy, you can proactively address aging infrastructure, ultimately optimizing your technology investments and minimizing unforeseen expenses.

Maintaining an internal IT department can be financially burdensome. In these situations, Digicorp is prepared to provide the right supplemental IT staff on an hourly, daily, or even weekly basis. Our approach is dependent on your organizational needs and can range from general managed IT services to specific on-demand responses.

We can provide the right staff – experienced, knowledgeable, and easy to work with – at the right price. Whatever your staffing needs, we can help.

In today’s turbulent economy, businesses are often forced to downsize their workforce, and IT is not excluded. We recognize the challenges that come with managing an in-house IT team, especially when resources are limited.

Our expert team is ready to complement your existing staff, offering specialized support and expertise. By leveraging our services, you can ensure that your IT needs are met efficiently and effectively, allowing your in-house team to focus on strategic initiatives and core responsibilities.

Frequent IT issues can be a source of frustration for your employees. At Digicorp, we stress the importance of a seamless technology experience. Our proactive approach to IT support is geared towards minimizing disruptions and enhancing productivity, all while respecting your budget.

By partnering with us, you can create a more efficient work environment, where your employees can focus on their tasks without the irritation of constant IT problems.

Downtime can be a significant source of frustration for your valued customers and a hindrance to your sales efforts. Customers expect seamless access to your products or services, and any interruption in service can lead to dissatisfaction and potentially drive them to seek alternatives. 

We understand the critical importance of maintaining uninterrupted operations. Our dedicated IT support is designed to mitigate downtime risks, ensuring that your systems remain robust and reliable.

Unclear returns on IT investments can be a source of frustration. Through transparent reporting and analysis, we provide you with a clear view of the value generated by your technology investments. This way, you can make informed decisions and have confidence that your IT spending is delivering meaningful returns for your business.

Technology Should propel Your Business, Not overwhelm IT

Reduce Your IT Overhead

Conquer Your IT Challenges

Witness Tangible Results

Industries Served

No matter your industry, Digicorp offers industry-compliant IT service and support solutions tailored to your company’s unique needs.






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Real Estate

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