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Digicorp provides a vast array of IT services. Our engineering team is experienced and certified in providing IT solutions from the simple to the complex.

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Digicorp offers two distinct categories of IT services:

  1. Design, Implementation, and Support of IT Infrastructure
  2. Managed Services of IT Infrastructure

Whether you need a simple file server, or a robust data center solution, Digicorp engineering will design, build and support to meet your needs. Our engineers are certified and experienced in Microsoft, Citrix, VMware and HP/Aruba Hardware. We also support and work with a number of other critical data center component manufacturers. Our depth of talent has allowed us to create hundreds of successful data center and server environments.

Partners include Microsoft, Citrix, VMware and HP/Aruba.

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Ethernet switching and routing is a requirement for every organization. Done well, an organization’s computers, phones, and video applications run seamlessly. On the other hand, a poor network infrastructure leads to continual challenges.

Our partners include Cisco, Adtran, Ruckus and HP/Aruba.

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The 802.11 wireless network is an inescapable necessity for every organization. Digicorp engineers and our key partners stand ready to design and implement a solution that fits your particular needs.  

Partners include Cisco/Meraki, Ruckus, Aruba and more.

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Storage needs are growing at an ever-increasing pace. The incredible explosion of various forms of media has created a huge demand for reliable, flexible storage. Digicorp has partnered with HP and HPE to provide top-shelf storage products at competitive prices. Whether you need basic file storage, backup storage, a simple SAN for a small virtualized environment, or a complex multi-site replicated storage solution, we can offer a product that will fit your needs.

Partners include HP and HPE.

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Organizations are dependent upon the data that is stored in their computer systems. Digicorp has partnered with the industry’s finest providers of backup and recovery systems to provide you the best solution for your business.

Partners include Unitrends, HP, SymantecVeeam and Barracuda.

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Bottom line, you need PCs, servers, switches, printers, routers, and more. Digicorp has built long-term partnerships with many leaders in the industry. We will provide a great price combined with a desire to sell you the right solution.

Partners include HP, ArubaRuckus and more. 

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In today’s turbulent economy, businesses are often forced to downsize their workforce, and IT is not excluded. On the opposite side of the spectrum, if business grows significantly, the current IT staff may not have the capability of meeting all of the demands placed on them.

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Our technical IT disciplines

computer security solutions

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microsoft premise & cloud-base solutions


PC & Mobile device

Switching/routing (lan/wan) and telecommunications infrastructure

data backup and disaster recovery solutions

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