Network Security

The challenge of protecting your critical computer information has never been greater. Information breaches are front page news. Further, organizations face liabilities associated with HIPAA, PCI, GLB, etc. An organization needs to address this challenge while balancing the cost of doing so.

Network Security Solutions

In addition to next generation firewalls and endpoint antivirus solutions, we are now seeing an increased demand for the following solutions:

MFA for remote workers is now being considered a necessary measure to effectively protect against malware/ransomware attacks. Cyber security insurance companies are now requiring MFA in order to renew, or are increasing premiums significantly for those organizations without it.

Partners include Microsoft and Fortinet.

EDR provides enhanced protection that goes above and beyond traditional endpoint antivirus solutions to detect and respond to threats before they can cause damage. This is also something cyber security insurance providers are looking for and may have a significant impact on premiums and coverage in general.

Partners include SentinelOne and Fortinet.

The ideal SIEM solution speeds incident detection and response and demonstrates compliance (e.g. PCI, HIPAA, SOX, FISMA, GLBA, NIST, etc.), all while reducing complexity in the SOC (Security Operations Center). This requires the ingestion and correlation of huge amounts of data from systems in order to provide high-fidelity threat identification and appropriate automated response. A well-designed SIEM can help accomplish this by utilizing advanced context analysis and discovery engines, enhanced through self-learning, to understand the relationships and normal behavior patterns of critical systems, users, and applications across the network.

Partners include Fortinet.

NAC provides tighter control and visibility to both wired and wireless networks to enhance your organization’s security posture.

Partners in this space include Fortinet and Aruba.

We offer solutions that provide continual monitoring of on and off network devices and allow for automation of OS patching, 3rd party patching, SW deployment, anti-virus/malware deployments, remote control access of devices, and integrated Help Desk ticketing services. 

Partners include Kaseya, ManageEngine, and Cisco-Meraki

Digicorp offers multiple platforms that will allow you to administer tests and training to your organization’s most vulnerable (from a network security standpoint) assets, your employees, on the latest ransomware attacks and how to detect them.

Partners include KnowBe4 and Breach Secure Now

Digicorp can not only assist with designing and implementing backup systems, but can also provide recovery testing services to help ensure the current backup solution is working as expected, because…“You are only as good as your last backup.”  

We use Qualys tools to scan your network, both internally and/or externally, and provide recommendations to address/remediate any detected vulnerabilities. An assessment of this nature is typically recommended to be completed at least once a year.

Our engineering expertise, combined with key partners such as Fortinet, Cisco, HP, Fiberlink, Qualys, MalwareBytes, AVG, ZIX, GFI, and others, allows us to provide effective solutions that protect your organization while respecting your budget.

Digicorp is aligned with KnowBe4 for training staff to prevent socially engineered security attacks. Further, Digicorp is aligned with leaders in the area of data recovery in the event the information is destroyed or compromised.