Position Your Organization For Success

Most organizations are dealing with financial constraints simultaneously with a need to empower the distributed/work from home staffing model.

There are very few organizations that have escaped the challenges imposed by the Covid-19 Pandemic. As you assess your plan for moving forward, we would like to recommend three initiatives that will:

  • lower your operating costs
  • improve productivity
  • protect against costly security breach remediation

Most organizations are dealing with financial constraints simultaneously with a need to empower the distributed/work from home staffing model. As you review ways to meet the challenges of this new environment, we recommend you consider the following three initiatives :

  1. Review your carrier services.
  2. Consider tweaking your phone system so that it serves as a distributed worker communications system.
  3. Review your IT security policy to align with your distributed worker environment.

Carrier Services Review

There are many good reasons to undertake this review. First, you may save thousands of dollars a year in carrier costs. Second, it is probable that while saving money you will also improve your available bandwidth. Remote worker solutions combined with the video intensive applications run much better with high speed Internet connectivity. This exercise may very well save your organization money and improve your team’s productivity.

True Telephone System Mobility

Many workers are now working from home. Even when this pandemic reaches some state of conclusion, workers will continue to work remotely. Yet many organizations have yet to capture the advantages of fully integrating these workers into a corporate telecommunication’s infrastructure. Today, in many cases, calls are simply being forwarded to a cell phone. This approach fails to deliver the continuity that customers and team members expect. With simple software tools, we can make the at home/remote phone extension just like they are on premise. The combination of presence software, call management software, unified messaging, global bridges/conferencing creates a great experience for the customer you are serving.

IT Security for a Distributed Workforce

A distributed worker community imposes data security challenges that are different from computers connected to an internal corporate network. An internal corporate network has firewalls, VLANs, OS revision controls, AV revision controls, data back-up software and numerous data filters and monitors. There are also proven methods for providing these critical security elements for your remote computers. It is just a matter of making sure that these tools are implemented.

As a long time Digicorp customer, we stand ready to help you. In all three of the above areas, there is not “a one size fits all” solution. Your Digicorp Account Manager will gladly assess how we might help you save money, improve your productivity and protect your valuable corporate data.