Microsoft Modern Workplace Licensing Solutions

Partnering with Digicorp for your Microsoft Modern Office Licensing offers a cost-effective, tailored approach that will benefit your business.
Microsoft Modern Workplace

Covid has changed the game for many businesses as they face the challenge of adapting to emerging technologies at an unprecedented pace. Following the onset of Covid, many employees are no longer satisfied with returning to the typical 9-to-5 structure and, instead, are opting for more hybrid options.

However, the rise of remote and hybrid teams has brought additional network vulnerabilities. As a result, companies must adopt enhanced security precautions to protect their systems and data against ransomware attacks. With work-from-home gaining more and more popularity in the workplace, businesses need to adjust to their new reality while still maintaining the level of security they would reach in-house.

The solution? A Microsoft Modern Workplace License managed by Digicorp

What is the Microsoft Modern Workplace?

Microsoft’s Modern Workplace allows for seamless integration between your company’s internal and external environment. Combining Microsoft 365 with enhanced security features, the Modern Workplace enables employees to take their office with them without furthering your company’s chances of a security breach. 

Why Does My Company Need Microsoft Modern Workplace Solutions?

Chances are, you are your team are likely already utilizing one or more of the following licenses: 

With Microsoft Modern Workplace solutions, your company can increase employee productivity and satisfaction while also establishing a unified communication and collaboration strategy across many locations and platforms, all while protecting your systems and data.

How Will Digicorp's Microsoft Modern Workplace Benefit My Company?

By partnering with Digicorp and purchasing those licenses through us, we are able to provide the following benefits:

    1. Partnering with a MS Silver Partner Indirect Reseller
    2. Initial expert consulting and guidance with appropriate license types and quantities that fit your organization’s specific needs in a cost-effective fashion
    3. Unparalleled US-based customer service when issues arise
    4. Yearly audit of license types, quantities, and Microsoft-based changes to ensure your plan fits the demands for the upcoming year
    5. Access to our 20+ highly skilled and experienced engineers
Microsoft Modern Workplace

Partnering with Digicorp for your Microsoft Modern Office Licensing offers a cost-effective, tailored approach that will benefit your business.

Looking for More Information?

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Microsoft Modern Workplace Licensing Solutions