DigiKnow? Issue 2

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DigiKnow? Issue 2

Will SD-WAN be the next step for corporate-wide area network?

The software defined networking approach may not replace all of the MPLS and other private carrier solutions in existence today. But, for many business, SD-WAN may prove to be to financially attractive to ignore.

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Microsoft End of Support - Are You Prepared?

End of support is coming up on some key Microsoft products meaning you will no longer receive security updates, non-security updates, free or paid assisted support from Microsoft or online technical content updates. You can see our list and take action here .

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Who has time to worry about their phone system?

There is a marketing blitz on right now for running your telephone system as a cloud application. At Digicorp, we are aligned with cloud telephone system providers. But we don’t sell them often because of a dirty little secret that most won’t tell you. Read More

Just a Thought - How did we get here?

The IT security challenge can be overwhelming. Almost all organizations have a myriad of tools in place to combat the threats that exist (or may soon appear). Firewalls, URL and mail filters, AV, malware tools, IPS, etc. – But are we secure? In this dynamic and changing security universe, it may make sense to retrench. We partner with several local firms on security assessments that start from the top down. We work together to understand your policies, industry and company threats to review/and establish a reporting protocol and build a basis for your best course of action.

What is Happening at Digicorp?

Unitrends Training Event: November date to be announced soon! If interested in being notified, please email brios@digicorp-inc.com.


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