CareHawk – A New Generation of Building Security and Facility Management Products

Why is it time to upgrade your paging and notification system? Because nothing lasts forever and CareHawk will do so much more to protect your students, staff and facilities.

What will a CareHawk System do that your current antiquated paging system can’t?

  1. Consistently work.
  2. Vastly improve your organization’s facility security.
  3. More effectively provide the necessary notifications that manage the movement of people within your facilities.

The Value of a Reliable System

At Digicorp we support hundreds of paging and notification systems. Many of these systems are failing. They often run on discontinued proprietary hardware or on unsupported releases of Microsoft Operating Systems. When they cease to work, there is little that we can do to fix them. Although we will try our best to keep systems running, there does come a time to move forward.

A New Vision for Facility Security

It is generally distasteful to emphasize the tragedies that can impact an organization at their facilities. But as stewards of your organizations’ safety, one must acknowledge that better systems will limit the damages caused by abhorrent human behavior or natural disasters.

CareHawk integrates with your video surveillance, door access, phone and community notification systems to protect the students, staff and facility. In the case of an emergency, CareHawk’s integration with your critical systems will mitigate the damages that can occur to both people and your facilities. The system can be programmed to automatically respond to a situation with preset instructions and it can also be used for on demand messaging in the case of an incident. There is a wealth of information about the management of a crisis. And almost all of the modern theories stress that an organization needs to plan and prepare for the inevitability of an incident. CareHawk integrated with other security systems and working in concert with district policies give you the best chance to control a complex situation.

Managing Daily Operations

Let’s just state it, schools need to manage the movement of hundreds or thousands of students on a daily basis. CareHawk gives your district’s facility managers, administration and teachers an easy to use system that integrates with your clock systems, bell and notification system, phone system, paging system and more. Carehawk’s architecture provides for seamless integration into these systems and provides an easy to use interface for making changes. The system can be centrally managed for even very large districts. CareHawk can also be used to work with your other security systems to limit people from going where they should not be on a time sensitive basis. This capability serves to mitigate the risk of unacceptable behavior occurring on the premise. The CareHawk system has been designed to do as all of its predecessors have done, manage the flow of people. But it has been built to do this job more simply and with a greater feature set to better manage your facilities.

How Might We Help Your School?

Digicorp has been providing critical IT, telecommunications, video monitoring and paging/communications systems to public and private schools for more than 30 years. We are prepared to use our knowledge of these solutions to create a safe and productive environment for your students, teachers, administrators and staff.

What is your first step?

Contact your Digicorp account manager for more information on CareHawk paging solutions. Don’t have an account manager? Call 800.253.3678 and a team member will help you get started.


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