Verkada Joins the Digicorp Portfolio

Digicorp, Inc. and Verkada join forces to deliver user-friendly Intelligent Monitoring with real-time alerts on data/activity that which customers care about most.  From virtually any device, Verkada can be deployed across multiple locations with the security and safety features required by businesses, schools, first responders and more.

Verkada offers simplicity and added protection to organizations looking to modernize their approach to physical security. The D-series camera—available in indoor (D30) and outdoor (D50) models—eliminates the need for local servers, firewall equipment and network video recorders (NVRs), reducing complexity and lowering operating costs.

Unlike legacy systems, Verkada’s technology offers the protection of full encryption and is easy to install, configure, upgrade and expand.

✓ Built with wall-to-wall encryption
✓ 30+ days of retained video with built-in redundancy
✓ Live-stream sharing
✓ Works even on LTE – won’t kill your bandwidth
✓ Activity-based indexing and search
✓ Automatic software updates
✓ Easy access controls – Secure Remote Access
✓ No extra plugins or additional hardware required

Coupled with Digicorp’s expertise and support, we have got you covered.

You can view their full line of products here:

Please contact your Digicorp sales rep to schedule a demo or review pricing.

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