Case Study: Milwaukee Area Non-Profit

If not you, who?

The need for temporary or supplementary IT support has never been greater. Budgets simply don’t allow for extra personnel, yet the computers that run your organization need to be managed. Failure to maintain a healthy computer environment will have serious consequences.

Digicorp Service Offerings
  –        Desktop Support
  –        Server/Data Center Support
  –        Network Security Support
  –        Switch/Router Support
  –        Project Management
  –        It Process Management Support
  –        Advanced System Troubleshooting

Digicorp offers both on-site and remote management of these critical systems. Further, we have advanced tools to monitor critical systems so that we can proactively prevent critical system outages.

A Case Study of how Digicorp delivered the IT services – for less money – for a large Milwaukee non-profit

Over 300 employees, thousands of clients, federal/state and local contracts create substantial IT demands. At one time, this organization employed an IT Director, two full time IT support personnel and several IT contractors. Expenses were out of control and support was unacceptable. Digicorp became engaged, replaceing the staff that left at less than 50% of the cost. Better yet, projects are delivered on time and support tickets are at an all-time low. It is not magic – it is knowledge that made the difference. A complement of IT management, desktop support and data center support services created an IT “dream team” that led the Chief Financial Officer to state “we’ve never been better.”
What can we do for you?
Let us fit our cost effective services to meet your needs. We’ll deliver an IT Model that will lower costs and improve services. Contact Michael Diemer – Manager of Sales at 262-602-6150 or email him at