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Case Study: Milwaukee Area Non-Profit

If not you, who?

The need for temporary or supplementary IT support has never been greater. Budgets simply don’t allow for extra personnel, yet the computers that run your organization need to be managed. Failure to maintain a healthy computer environment will have serious consequences.

Digicorp Service Offerings
  –        Desktop Support
  –        Server/Data Center Support
  –        Network Security Support
  –        Switch/Router Support
  –        Project Management
  –        It Process Management Support
  –        Advanced System Troubleshooting

Digicorp offers both on-site and remote management of these critical systems. Further, we have advanced tools to monitor critical systems so that we can proactively prevent critical system outages.

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Case Study: Westbury Bank

Westbury Bank is a full service bank – headquartered in West Bend, Wisconsin – serving four counties from fifteen offices. Their products and services are comprehensive, ranging from a complete line of personal banking offerings to a comprehensive array of business banking offerings. They have built a strong and successful presence in their market by truly focusing on their respective communities.


Westbury Bank has embraced technology as a means for creating a competitive advantage and excellent customer service from technology’s earliest emergence in the banking industry. Westbury Bank and Digicorp began building a partnership in 1997 with the first projects focused on building high performance and secured Internet connectivity. Given the nature of their business, Westbury Bank placed great importance upon making sure that security was addressed comprehensively. Subsequent to a thorough network risk evaluation, Digicorp and Westbury Bank implemented a solution that protected the bank at multiple levels extending from the gateway to the Internet to their internal resources. Following the success of this project, the partnership continued to grow. Most recently, solutions focusing on WAN cost reductions and corporate wide IP telephony have provided great value to Westbury Bank.

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Case Study: Rural Wisconsin Health Cooperative

Rural Wisconsin Health Cooperative is a consortium of twenty-nine member hospitals, three large affiliated member hospitals and a number of other health care providers and health care service providers. RWHC’s stated objective is “to be a catalyst for regional collaboration, an aggressive and creative force on behalf of rural communities and rural health. Incorporated in 1979, RWHC has received national recognition as one of the country’s earliest and most successful models for networking among rural hospitals.”


Working together, RWHC and Digicorp designed a combination of private frame relay connections and public virtual private networks (VPNs) that serve as a network for accessing complex health care services such as radiology, cardiology and distance learning/training for rural hospitals throughout Wisconsin. Through this network, RWHC is also able to provide secured connections to the Internet for fifteen member rural hospitals. Historically, advanced health care solutions such as these were not readily available to rural hospitals. This network affords health care providers throughout the state and the region the ability to collaborate, thereby improving health care access for all of Wisconsin.

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Why “The Company” Matters

In the recent past, many local firms have gone out of business. In doing so, they have hurt their customers, employees, creditors and our community. Here in Milwaukee, Cremer Technologies and MasterLink Corporation elected to shut their doors. In doing so, they walked away with customers’ deposits and left behind unmet obligations for warranties and service contracts. Whether by choice or the result of a flawed model, this is simply wrong.

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New Advanced Security Reporting Services

Digicorp is excited to announce our new Advanced Security Reporting System (ASRS)! ASRS is a powerful, cloud-based network security & reporting system. It comprehensively reports on all elements of your Internet usage – ranging from where your users are going to notifying you of potential malicious threats. And as always with Digicorp, this service is cost effective. For a cost similar to running a very basic syslog system, you can now provide world-class security & reporting services for your organization.

You can view a weekly or a daily report.

Please speak to your Digicorp sales professional to set up a free 30 day trial or contact Michael Diemer at 262-402-6150.

About Digicorp and Welcome

In today’s fast-paced world, how you communicate is becoming increasingly important. Organizations are demanding systems that securely provide accurate and timely information to their geographically dispersed business contacts – employees, customers, suppliers, agents, etc.

Digicorp is dedicated to designing and implementing systems that incorporate leading-edge technologies that meet those demands and give you an edge on your competition. We tailor solutions that reflect your unique operations and enable you to do business the way you want to do business. In so doing, we create competitive advantages for your organization through better communication.

We invite you to look further to see how.