Are you aware of vulnerabilities in your network?

Please fill out the form and we will get back to you shortly to discuss your network's current risk exposures and how to protect your valuable IT resources. This is a no-obligation offer.

why do I need a vulnerability assessment?

There are many areas within a network that are vulnerable to a security breach. These risks range from minor to critical security exposures. A risk assessment that reviews open ports and critical IPs is a valuable resource that helps you target vulnerable areas and further secure your organization. Digicorp recommends doing a risk assessment annually to keep your organization aware of vulnerable areas within your network.

Crypto-locker and ransomware are real. How prepared are you?

Why Choose Digicorp?

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  1. We will act in a proactive, rather than reactive, manner by preparing your organization with a multi-layered security approach. 
  2. We will review your network’s open ports and critical IP’s, operating systems, and gateway systems to identify areas of potential vulnerability. 
  3. Our engineers will provide a detailed report that includes identified risks by level of severity.
  4. We will provide extensive lists of recommendations for remediation. 
  5. A risk assessment with Digicorp will help you be informed about your risk exposures and provide you guidance for protecting your valuable IT resources. 

About The Services We Provide


Digicorp provides a vast array of IT services. Our engineering team is experienced and certified in providing IT solutions from the simple to the complex. We offer two...


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Our clients say

Since 1976, Digicorp has been providing computer, telephone and video solutions for organizations in Wisconsin and Northern Illinois.

Hatch Staffing Group


Digicorp support team is nimble, flexible and extremely responsive. They have an efficient system in place to manage customer problems and triage situations. Most importantly, they listen and take the time to understand their customers' business, their challenges, their culture and personalities. Over the past six years, we've had our share of IT problems, frustrations and concerns but have always been confident in Digicorp's professional approach to handling issues. It is a breath of fresh air to find a partner of high integrity in this marketplace.

School District of Cudahy


Digicorp Inc. has been a valued business partner with the School District of Cudahy for many years. George Fahr and his outstanding group of employees have always succeeded in accomplishing whatever we have asked them to do. No project is too large or too small for them to be involved in. From new telephones to internet and network administration to security-related technology, Digicorp has satisfied all our technology needs. Digicorp brings great technological resources and a strong sense of integrity to the table to assure us that we always receive the best value for our investment. You can’t go wrong with Digicorp!

Digicorp FAQ

Digicorp is a leading IT, telephony, and structured cabling provider for Wisconsin and Northern Illinois. Since 1976, our Wisconsin-owned firm has focused on helping our customers use technology to better run their organizations. Our values are simple. We seek to provide high-quality technical solutions, cost-effectively. We are committed to acting with a sense of urgency in supporting our many clients. It is our job to simplify the complex world of technology for our customers.

Digicorp Inc. continues to learn and grow, adapting to the advancing IT World and the growing needs of businesses.  Our extensive portfolio addresses the multiple technology needs you face with services that include:

  • IT Services
  • Network Security
  • Voice Systems & Services
  • Carrier Services
  • Video Surveillance & Cabling
  1. We partner with hundreds of award-winning companies to bring you technology solutions that make your life easier.
  2. We have locally based certified sales & technical staff to assist you with your IT and voice needs.
  3. We have over 20+ highly skilled engineers that are experienced across the data center.
  4. Our goal is the simplify the complex world of technology for you. 

For any additional questions, please contact the Digicorp support team. 

Phone: (262) 402-6105