At Digicorp, we understand that VoIP solutions can play an important role in your organizations’ overall technology strategy.  We also understand how important stable, high-quality phone calls are, and we do not believe these have to be mutually exclusive—IF you follow some important guideline and best-practices for deployment as you implement various aspects of VoIP.

As early adopters of VoIP technologies, we know there is some confusing information in the market regarding how exactly to best leverage and deploy IP-based telephony strategies into your infrastructure, without exceeding anticipated costs, or damaging technical issues.  With multiple options for IP based platforms, end-points, and applications, we can assist with determining the best path for your organization.

Additionally, we can provide critical assessments to review your network infrastructure BEFORE you implement your new system—assessments that can save you from unnecessary and costly outages, dropped calls, or call-quality issues which can impact your bottom line.  IP Telephony, when deployed and supported correctly, can be a tremendous benefit to your users, and of great value to your organization.  Let us explain how to correctly roll out these solutions—today.

  • Pre-VoIP Network Assessments
  • VoIP Troubleshooting
  • SIP/IP Devices (Desk/Mobile Apps/Softphones)
  • LAN/WAN Architecture/Network Engineering