There is no right way to communicate—each business, and often each individual within an organization, has different needs and preferences for how they most effectively communicate with the outside world.  Digicorp has the experience and proficiency to help navigate the often complex world of Unified Communications.  Our solutions allow your staff to effectively combine available mediums into a single powerful platform, combining Phone calls, Voice Mail, fax, e-mails, chat, video and presence.

The most important element in ensuring these tools are providing value for your organization is to tailor the solutions to your users.  For more basic users, simply integrating voice mail to e-mail may be of tremendous benefit.   If your needs go beyond that, we can design more comprehensive desktop applications which allow users to centralize and manage all of their communications within a single desktop interface.  Regardless of your needs, Digicorp can work with you to explain options, pursue solutions, and implement the correct tools to allow your business to grow.  Some of the options we are ready to discuss with you include:

  • Multi-Party Conference and Collaboration Solutions
  • Desktop Chat, Instant Messaging, Presence, Mobility integration
  • Unified Messaging (Voice Mail to email)
  • Desktop Call Control and Screen Pop
  • Personal Call Routing rules
  • ACD Call Center and Management Tools