We all know that with today’s “work anywhere, anytime” culture, staying connected is critical. Today’s mobile workforce requires more freedom to communicate whenever and wherever necessary, using simple, user-friendly tools.  Digicorp has the expertise to help you determine which of the many available mobility applications best suits your users’ needs.  With options ranging from simple “bridging” of incoming calls between your desk phone and mobile device, to scalable, on premise/LAN based Wireless solutions, to sophisticated options which link a user’s cell phone to the corporate phone system, there are solutions available for every need and every budget.

With Mobility solutions remote devices (wireless phones, Soft Phones installed on laptops, smart phone applications) can function as virtual devices off the phone system, meaning employees can take their office with them, and be reachable regardless of physical location.  With Single Number Reach, Unified Voice Messaging, and Enterprise dialing, your business is much better able to support your customers, promote employee productivity, and increase the value of your investment in your communications platform.