Implementation Services & Support

“The best technology in the world is only as good as the company that supports it,” states a Digicorp client – we couldn’t agree more! For nearly 40 years, Digicorp has provided peace of mind to our customers with strong implementation and support services. We focus on doing the right thing for our clients, from a technical standpoint, as well as by acting as your partner, not just another vendor. The maximum value of your investment can only be achieved if technology is truly optimized to benefit your business. Digicorp can tailor solutions—and provide resolutions—to any voice technology challenge, and we look forward to showing you how!

Implementation Services

Implementing new voice technology can be daunting for any organization. Our professional and experienced technical staff will make the transition easy for you by providing top-notch support throughout the process. We provide pre-install review of programming, customized training for your end-users and administrators, professional installation, and detailed coordination for your project to ensure that the transition is rewarding and painless for you and your staff. On-going user and administrative training sessions are always available, as are customized user guides and cheat sheets to simplify the learning curve for your staff.

Service and Support

Whether you need a simple programming change, or have a mission-critical emergency, or something in between, our team of talented and experienced voice engineers and customer service agents are here to help. With 8×5 support center coverage, 24×7 emergency response, certified engineering personnel, robust in-house inventory, and, most importantly, a caring and attentive staff, you will find Digicorp’s service to be second to none. To achieve maximum protection on your investment, Digicorp offers cost-effective, annual maintenance plans that provide comprehensive support, access to critical spare hardware, and no-charge training refreshers for both your users and administrators. Whether you acquired your phone system from Digicorp, or are just seeking out a new support partner, give us a call – we’re here to help.