Digicorp has been designing and building wiring infrastructure for over 30 years. The systems that run on your network require quality wiring infrastructure that will stand the stand the test of time. You can be confident with Digicorp’s engineering expertise and experience in providing cabling solutions, that your infrastructure will be up to the demands of your current needs, and future requirements.

Why Choose Digicorp, Inc.?

Our 3 Key Approach

  1. Design – Digicorp employs engineers of many disciplines. Accordingly, our designs will meet your application’s specifications. Whether you have a new facility demanding a wide range of solutions, a new data center, a challenging manufacturing environment, a new VoIP deployment, IP video surveillance, a complex 802.11 wireless environment, a challenging paging application or a simple need for some additional Ethernet drops – Digicorp engineers will make sure that you have the appropriate cabling system.
  2. Implementation – Quality workers, experienced and trained, make sure that your project is delivered on-time and on budget.
  3. Certification – We are not done until the infrastructure is tagged, toned, labeled and system certified.

Unmatched Quality Resources

  • Access to 25+ Experienced engineers specialized in computer network infrastructure, telephone systems and video systems. Each averaging 25+ years of experience
  • Advanced hardware & software tools to diagnose and resolve the root of a problem

Professional Execution

  • All cables are tested
  • Cabling floor plan, and all labeled face plates & patch panels are provided
  • Detailed scope of work with defined objective

No Finger Pointing

  • Long Partnership with industry leader Commscope to provide quality cable that supports wider frequency ranges

Today’s cabling environments require quality engineering design, excellent workmanship and a certified completion. Count on Digicorp as your cabling partner.