Facility Services & Paging

If your organization operates from a large facility or a spread-out campus, chances are you need an overhead paging system. For more than 25 years, Digicorp has been designing and implementing paging systems for school campuses, health care facilities, manufacturing plants, and many other organizations.

Our engineering expertise in this area includes integrating with new or existing phone systems, bell systems, and access control systems. Our years of experience help us design systems which deliver crisp sound quality even in the most dissonant environments.


A New Generation of Building Security and Facility Management

What Will a CareHawk System Do?

CareHawk integrates with your video surveillance, door access, phone, and community notification systems to protect the students, staff, and facility. In the case of an emergency, CareHawk’s integration with your critical systems will mitigate the damage that can occur to both people and your facilities. The system can be programmed to automatically respond to a situation with preset instructions, and it can also be used for on-demand messaging in the case of an incident. There is a wealth of information about the management of a crisis and almost all modern theories stress that an organization needs to plan and prepare for the inevitability of an incident. CareHawk, integrated with other security systems, and working in concert with district policies, gives you the best chance to control a complex situation.
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