DigiKnow? Issue 4

Did you miss our last DigiKnow? Take a peek now and stay up to date on topics such as: Premise vs Cloud Solutions, Solving the Complexity of License Management, and a New Generation of Building Security.
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Premise vs Cloud - How to decide?

There are a number of considerations when determining where to run an application.  In today’s market, we are flooded with solutions that claim they are the best.  However, in reality, what may be good for one organization, may not be for another.  The following framework is designed to help you decide whether you should run an application at your premise or at a cloud provider’s facility. This analysis is designed to identify the merits of moving a single application to the cloud versus running it on premise. If you are inclined to move all of your IT and telecommunications applications to the cloud, this becomes an analysis requiring a different and more complex approach.  Reviewing the following areas is recommended before deciding to keep your applications on-premise or in the cloud.


Overwhelmed with Managing Software & Cloud Licensing?

Keeping track of licensing can feel like a full time job. Organizing and managing licenses can be difficult to do. Thankfully, there is help. If your organization is confused by all that is needed to get licensing right, Digicorp has a service that will help.

A New Generation of Building Security & Security Management Products

Many of the paging and notification systems in schools today are dated and failing. It is a technology that is often overlooked but more important than ever. 

DigiKnow? Issue 4

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