Manged Voice Services

Lose the Headache with Digicorp Managed Voice Services

Simplified Solution, One Point of Contact, One Low Monthly Payment, Local Support, Training, One Place for Voice & Data

For customers who want a customized and feature rich telephone system without upfront costs and without the burden of supporting the system – Digicorp has your solution.

What does our Manged Voice Solution include?

  1. A thorough review of your current and future business phone system needs. This will help us design a program specific to your organization’s needs.
  2. The implementation of all of the hardware, software applications and customized programming for your new phone system.
  3. Break/fix support of both hardware and software for the life of the agreement.
  4. System software and firmware upgrades/patches for the life of the agreement.

What is not included?

  1. Carrier services – Digicorp will serve as your partner for selecting and implementing the best and most cost effective solution that meets your needs.
  2. Additions/changes to the system. These items can be co-termed into the monthly system cost.

Why choose Digicorp Managed Voice Service?

  1. Flexibility – Business needs change. This gives our customers the ability to change without incurring great costs.
  2. No large upfront capital cost.
  3. Predictable on going costs.
  4. World class solution at the best imaginable cost.
    • NEC – Largest telephone system provider in the world.
    • Digicorp Engineering – Established in 1976, serving thousands of customers for both their telephony and IT needs.

Digicorp has been meeting customers voice & data needs in Wisconsin for over 40 years.  Our experienced voice technicians will not only help you design and implement your system but will also provide ongoing local support and training.  Have questions?  Anxious to get started? Please contact us!