Managed IT Services

For Milwaukee, WI

At Digicorp, we customize your managed IT solution to fit your needs. For some organizations, this means aligning our engineering resources with your well-established IT team.

For others, especially smaller organizations, we fully become their IT support. 

Speak With An IT Expert

Hybrid Services

Digicorp offers both on-site and remote services for maintenance.

Monthly Check-In

Your account manager conducts monthly satisfaction calls, at no cost to you.

Flexible Contract

No long-term, expensive commitments are required.

Elite Support

Digicorp tailors an on-going support plan that fits your needs and expectations.

There's no one-size-fits-all approach to managed IT.

We take the time to understand what needs to be managed and then we apply our skillset.

Our Managed IT Services

At Digicorp, we offer a ranged of managed IT services to meet your business’ unique needs.

Our well-structured and executed managed service plan will improve your effectiveness, mitigate security risks and potentially lower your IT costs.

End User Experience Management

Improve user satisfaction and success. Monitor, measure, and enhance digital experiences.

Network Infrastructure Management

Ensure optimal network performance and uptime with expert network infrastructure management, monitoring, and optimization solutions.

Cloud Infrastructure Management

Ensure efficient and secure cloud operations with monitoring, optimization, and support for maximum cloud performance.

Subscription Management

We monitor, renew and manage subscriptions to ensure cost-effective and efficient service delivery.

Security Infrastructure Management

Get expert monitoring, management, and threat response to protect your business.

Data Center Management

Optimize data center performance with monitoring, maintenance, and support for reliable and efficient operations.

Our 3 Key Approach


Assess Your Business' Unique Needs

First, our IT experts assess your current IT infrastructure and identify areas for improvement. During this step, we audit your existing hardware and software systems, identify potential security risks, and evaluate the performance and reliability of your systems.


Develop A Comprehensive IT Solution

Based on our findings, we develop a comprehensive IT solution. This could include a range of different IT services (mentioned above). We work with you closely to ensure that our solution meets your specific needs, budget, and timeline. 


Provide Ongoing Support & Maintenance

We provide ongoing support and maintenance to ensure that your IT infrastructure remains secure, reliable, and up-to-date. We provide regular software updates, network monitoring & management, data backups, and respond to any IT-related issues that arise. 

What Are The Benefits of Managed IT?

Increased Productivity

By outsourcing your technology management, you can free up time and resources to focus on what's important - your core business functions.

Improved Security

With the increasing threat of cyberattacks, it is critical that you have a robust security strategy in place. With managed IT services, we can help ensure that your systems are secure and up-to-date with the latest security patches and protocols.

Reduced Costs

With managed IT services, you don't need to spend money on in-house IT staff and equipment. Only pay for the services you need!

Reduced Downtime

With proactive monitoring and maintenance, your technology is less likely to experience downtime, which can lead to lost productivity and revenue.

Milwaukee, WI

Why Partner With Digicorp?

  1. We partner with hundreds of award-winning companies to bring you technology solutions that make your life easier.
  2. Milwaukee is our focus. We have locally-based certified sales & technical staff available to assist on-site or remote.
  3. We have over 20+ highly skilled engineers that are experienced across the data center.
  4. No technical jargon. Our goal is to simplify the complex world of technology for you.

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