BC Planning

Contingency Planning Solutions Inc.

Contingency Planning Solution’s, a company of Digicorp, Inc, certified planners help your organizationdevelop, manage, maintain, and test your Business Continuation Plan.  We also train your employees so they can implement the plan when you need it.  CPSI/Digicorp helps your company plan for the resumption of all of your business operations, including facilities, computer support, office functions, and process continuation for distribution or manufacturing operations.

CPSI’s proprietary methodology delivers a documented, executable, enterprise-wide Business Continuation Plan that meets regulatory requirements.  The process includes:

  1. Detailed pre-project planning

  2. Staff training for plan development and plan execution

  3. CPSI’s proprietary Business Continuation Planning software

  4. Phone and online support during the data collection process (first 20 hours FREE)

  5. Plan audits

  6. Project management support throughout the project

  7. Testing and mock disaster exercises with certification

  8. Assistance in updating/maintaining the plan

  9. FREE BCP software updates

Why Plan?  


  1. Implementation
  2. Testing
  3. Training
  4. Audits
  5. Monitoring