Windows Print Spool Exploit/Vulnerability: Immediate Action Required

Microsoft is pushing Windows customers to upgrade their software to the most recent version or deactivate the Spooler service immediately after discovering a serious vulnerability in their operating system dubbed “PrintNightmare.”

This service vulnerability has just been identified in multiple versions of the Microsoft Operating Systems. Essentially, it affects the Windows Print Spooler service, which allows numerous individuals to use a printer. According to CNN, experts at the cybersecurity firm Sangfor inadvertently released a guide for hacking it, which was then immediately published elsewhere online before deletion.

Microsoft warns users that prospective hackers may exploit the system’s vulnerability by installing applications, accessing and deleting critical data, and creating new user accounts with full user privileges.

We want to ensure that your computers are protected from this exploit.

Please make sure that your computers are up-to-date with their Windows Updates by going to your Windows Settings, clicking on Update & Security, and verifying that your computer is up-to-date. If you see any other status than “You’re up to date” in the status window, and you are unsure of how to manually apply the waiting updates, call us for assistance at 262-402-6105.

Although this update should apply automatically, this is an urgent matter and should be applied immediately rather than waiting for the automatic process to take place at a later time/date.

References: Microsoft security update: urgent warning on PrintNightmare to update your PC immediately – CNN

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