Digicorp Software Licensing and Maintenance Agreement Management Services

The Business Challenge

Keeping track of software and cloud licensing can feel like a full-time job.  Managing licensing in-house presents many challenges such as determining the necessity of renewals, making sure that they are paid on time and simply making sure you are not paying for more quantities than you need.  If your organization is confused by all that is needed to get licensing right, Digicorp has a service that will help.

The Digicorp Software/Cloud Management Solution

The objectives of our service are to:

  • Manage your monthly and annual license renewals. This does two things. First, it simplifies the process of paying only for what you need. Second, we will validate whether certain licensing is necessary for your organization.
  • We will review your cloud licensing to make sure that you are getting the appropriate/cost effective licenses that fit your needs.
  • Create an estimated annual budget for your cloud and premise licensing.

The process is as follows:

  • Gather an inventory of the current cloud and premise software licensing
  • Create your personalized organizational data base for these products with their expiration dates.
  • Execute on the billing according to the products expiration dates.
  • Provide a projected annualized budget.

This service comes at no charge to your organization. Although this work does take time and effort, the software and equipment vendors allow us to make a small gross margin for serving as your procurement agent. Ultimately, our goal is to make sure that you have the proper licensing, that you don’t pay for unnecessary licensing or license maintenance agreements and that it saves your IT and accounting departments valuable time.

If you are interested in realizing the efficiencies that this program will offer your organization, please contact your Digicorp account manager and they will help you get started!

*Please note that some software may only deal directly with the customer. In these cases, we will keep record of these software for your inventory but we will not be able to serve as an intermediary.

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