SD-WAN – Will this solution be the next step for the corporate wide area network?

Software defined networking has existed for many years. And although there has been some adoption in the large enterprise space, it has failed to achieve a foothold in the majority of organizations.

This may be changing.

Software defined networking for wide-area networking may be the application that brings it to the masses. The reason for this trend is simple. Traditional carriers, cable companies and wireless companies are flooding the market with cost effective, high performance Internet bandwidth. Combine this with the addition of SDN software being included in firewalls, routers and other gateway technology and it sets the stage for a migration to a new WAN topology. This new approach may not replace all of the MPLS and other private carrier solutions in existence today. But, for many businesses, SD-WAN may prove to be to financially attractive to ignore.

It should be noted that SD-WAN will be delivered in many form factors. Deciding how to proceed will take an assessment of your needs and capabilities. But the bottom line is simply this – SD-WAN may save you money while improving the performance of your WAN.  Contact us and our engineers can help you review options.

General Definition –

Software Defined Networking – This technology/architecture decouples the network control and forwarding functions. This creates a single console for programming. The underlying infrastructure is independent and guided by usage policies. This allows for a centralized management of the network.

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