Digicorp, Inc. announces partnership with CPI CommunicationsCPI Telecom for SDWAN Network Solutions

Milwaukee, WI: Digicorp, Inc. has formally announced their partnership with Des Moines, IA based CPI Telecom to provide SDWAN network solutions for their client base.

A natural addition to Digicorp’s wide portfolio of VoIP and Network engineering solutions, SDWAN is an intelligent networking system that utilizes internet bandwidth to prioritize traffic, bond and use multiple pathways, as well as buffer and re-transmit critical real time traffic, building in resiliency and loss/jitter/latency correction to ensure far higher quality with far less down time. It’s a cost effective,
flexible, and easy-to-maintain network solution, particularly well suited to the many challenges of supporting high-quality VoIP.

By allowing multiple connections to be truly bonded and have complete application visibility and control, clients are able to manage and control real-time applications like critical voice traffic which can be a challenge to support for both premise and hosted services. “Digicorp is pleased to be positioned at the forefront of this technology. We’re excited about the opportunities this partnership will bring to our valued customers, particularly for our multi-site VoIP clients”, states George Fahr, President of Digicorp.

“The time for organizations to evaluate this technology is now,” adds Jeff Drummond, CIO/CTO at CPI Telecom, “and Digicorp has the right resources to assist clients with this transition. We’re thrilled about this partnership—our customized solution brought to the market with Digicorp’s expertise is a win for all involved”.

Digicorp provides a broad array of systems integration, engineering and support services which include: VoIP and Unified Communications solutions, data center server and SAN, IT back-up and recovery, LAN/WAN, network and device security, Telco/ISP services and DR/Business Continuity consulting.  Digicorp supports thousands of clients throughout Wisconsin and the Midwest, and has been headquartered in the Milwaukee, Wisconsin area for more than 40 years.

Des Moines, Iowa based CPI Telecom is a full-service provider of professional network and telecom services, and supports Partners throughout the US with the installation and management of enterprise network communication systems. CPI provides 24/7 available remote assistance, and more than 14,000 affiliated technicians across the U.S. to quickly and conveniently support their client/partner business communications needs.
Digicorp, Inc.
CPI Telecom

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