Worker Productivity and Internet Speed

Sometimes Google Searches Don’t Give You the Answers that You Want!

During a meeting in which we were discussing new topics for our web page, one of our very experienced sales professionals suggested that we do a write-up on the positive impact that fast Internet has on an organization’s productivity. “Great idea.” We all said. We collectively figured that some independent think tank/University must have researched this topic and concluded that every man, woman and child needs gigabit throughput. Sadly, our search found that most of the “research” was done by Internet Service Providers and their outcomes were anecdotal. But does a lack of research invalidate the premise that speed matters when it comes to the Internet? We don’t think so, but we lack the budget to analytically prove that organizations benefit from faster Internet. So lacking in research data, we have chosen to discuss this topic from the perspective of how we all use the Internet. We’ll let the reader draw their own conclusion.

The Cloud – A painful shift unless you have big bandwidth.

If you have decided to move an application from your premise to the cloud, you should understand that the path that the data travels (from server to user device) will run much, much slower with the cloud. The simple fact is that most premise based local area networks move data at multithreaded gigabit speeds. When you move that application to the cloud you will be sharing a single backbone amongst all of your users at speeds in the 1.5 to 20 megabit per second realm. This translates into a network slowdown at a factor of 50 to 666 times. This does not invalidate the cloud. Depending upon your situation, a cloud based application will be the right choice. Just know that your Internet connection’s speed will matter and that your users will let you know when it runs slow.


The virtual private network is a truly remarkable change in network transport topology. It provides remote users secure connections to needed computer applications. It provides a cost effective alternative to the more expensive MPLS and dedicated leased WAN technology for connecting facilities. But in case no one told you, these VPNs run across your internet connection as well. And the users’ satisfaction with the VPN that connects them to their application will be greatly impacted by the speed of your Internet connection.

Telephony and Video – The wild west of network applications

The two most difficult applications to optimize over an Internet connection are telephony and real time video. Simply put, everyone wants to run them over their Internet connections. Unfortunately, by their nature, these applications are ill suited to run on an inadequate Internet connection. There are multiple technical reasons for the challenge with these applications but the simple answer is that if you want to route telephone calls and video conferences over the Internet you need a fast Internet connection.

Summary – Speed Matters

Here is a simple analogy. A rutted single lane road in the country may be adequate for a farmer to move bales of hay. But, when the county fair hosts a popular music figure – and the main road to the fairgrounds is this same road – well, good luck. Now consider building a regional airport or a business enterprise at the end of that road. Welcome to 2016. It might be time to upgrade that highway.

How can Digicorp help?

Since 1976, we have built the IT, telephony and video infrastructures on which thousands of customers rely. Our carrier services division will help you find a provider who will meet your needs for speed and reliability. And, because of a rapid expansion of competitive fiber offerings, we have seen the cost of better, faster service drop rapidly. In just the past 18 months, 10 Mb fiber solutions now are costing the same as what we had been paying for 1.5 Mb copper solutions.

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