The Role of Using a Network Sequencer in Managing Your Networks Uptime and Performance

In 2015, it is necessary for an organization running a converged network (voice, data and video on a common network) or an organization adopting the cloud for application services to implement a full time network sequencer. The reason is simple – networks have become so complex that without the proper management tools the problems that you will experience will far outweigh the cost of these tools. And here is a dirty little secret – moving to the cloud does not alleviate this challenge. Moving your applications to the cloud exacerbates the challenge that is network reliability and uptime.

How Did We Get Here?

In the bygone era that is the pre-Internet world – data, voice and video networks were dedicated to a single application and they ran on proprietary hardware, software and protocols. In the past 20 years, we have broken these shackles. Today, most organizations run their computer, voice and video applications over a common local area network topology and in many cases over a common high order (WAN, public switched and Internet) topology. This is scary but true – more and more, organizations are running all of their critical applications over unmanaged Internet connections. Carriers, physical cabling, applications, server hardware, operating systems, routers, switches, viruses, malware, etc. – can you name the root cause of your network problem?

What to Do?

Given the importance of our computers and applications, telephone systems and video systems; it is time to implement cost effective, 7×24 observation of our network ecosystem. In the past five years, Digicorp has been using network sequencers to evaluate and adjust networks prior to the deployment of a critical new application. Given the many elements that can breakdown on a network, we advocate the full time deployment of sequencer technology for any organization that truly relies on their systems. The cost of sequencers is nominal but the granularity of their reporting is much better than the typical simple network management protocol (SNMP) monitoring software. In terms of dealing with intermittent yet systemic network challenges, when a sequencer is used it takes less than 25% of the time to recognize the root cause of the problem versus the alternatives that exist in the marketplace.

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