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Digicorp Partners with MaaS360 by Fiberlink

maas360_logoThe other day a friend was telling me about a technological challenge he was having at home.  Many years ago, he setup a wireless network with their cable broadband connection to the internet.  They started out with a laptop and a family computer.  Recently, the family started experiencing slow speeds.  Thinking their 10 year old router had seen its better days, they sought out advice from their local retailer on a suitable replacement

As the clerk questioned him about the devices on his network, he realized just how little he had been paying attention to his home network.  Instead of two devices, his family’s network now consisted of five laptop computers, five smart phone devices, an iTouch device, a gaming system, a Smart TV, and three tablets.  No wonder they were starting to feel the pain with their 10 year old router!

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