Managed Services, “The Cloud” and Trying to Make Sense of IT in 2014

cloudHow far has IT really evolved in the last 24 months? Are we prepared to scrap our data centers/computer closets for the cloud? Should we jettison our IT staffs in favor of a managed service? Are their objective criteria for deciding upon how we proceed? Depending on who you listen to, the answers to these questions and others are yes, no, maybe – but not in any particular order.


In the late 1990s, technology was going to transform the way that we ran our businesses, purchased our goods and services and entertained ourselves. In the past 15 years, we have indeed experienced profound change attributable to technology. Firms like Amazon, Facebook, Netflix, Apple and many others have changed the way that we live. The casualties of the changes are many – BlockBuster, Best Buy and RIM to name a few. But have we stopped going to the movie theater, the grocery store, using personal computers? Hardly. The simple fact is, the pundits, largely incented by promoting change for change’s sake will scream the world that we know is over. When in reality, technology will lead to evolution and not fundamental abandonment of how we lead our businesses and our lives.

It’s Still Business so Follow the Financial Metrics

It is our belief that organizations are distinct. The IT needs are not the same for large and small, nor are they the same for a rural hospital as they are for a global manufacturer of auto seats. Digicorp offers superior local engineers for projects and managed services, cloud solutions, and equipment and software for premise based solutions. What drives our recommendations are the customer’s distinct needs and desires and the underlying cost benefit analysis.

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