Digicorp Partners With AT&T

Digicorp and AT&T have joined forces to provide a greater depth of services for our customers. With computer, telephone and video products provided by Digicorp combined with AT&T’s suite of leading edge network services, we can provide superior end to end solutions.

Some of the distinct advantages that are provided by the Digicorp/AT&T team are as follows:

  • Great local engineering support
  • Global reach
  • A dedicated Digicorp AT&T specialist who will simplify dealing with billing, contract and service issues
  • The advantage of local company responsiveness combined with a global company’s resources
  • A single party approach to simplify your life – hardware, software, engineering support and circuits

If you are considering your options for WAN, VPN, Telephony or Internet access, please give us a call at (262) 402-6100.