Case Study: Westbury Bank

Westbury Bank is a full service bank – headquartered in West Bend, Wisconsin – serving four counties from fifteen offices. Their products and services are comprehensive, ranging from a complete line of personal banking offerings to a comprehensive array of business banking offerings. They have built a strong and successful presence in their market by truly focusing on their respective communities.


Westbury Bank has embraced technology as a means for creating a competitive advantage and excellent customer service from technology’s earliest emergence in the banking industry. Westbury Bank and Digicorp began building a partnership in 1997 with the first projects focused on building high performance and secured Internet connectivity. Given the nature of their business, Westbury Bank placed great importance upon making sure that security was addressed comprehensively. Subsequent to a thorough network risk evaluation, Digicorp and Westbury Bank implemented a solution that protected the bank at multiple levels extending from the gateway to the Internet to their internal resources. Following the success of this project, the partnership continued to grow. Most recently, solutions focusing on WAN cost reductions and corporate wide IP telephony have provided great value to Westbury Bank.


In 2004, the time had come for Westbury Bank to upgrade from their aging, traditional key telephone system to a more reliable and more effective telephone system. Westbury Bank had the vision of using their existing frame relay wide area network to move both the data and voice traffic between offices. By building a seamless voice network they could improve intra-company call flow and customer service while eliminating the cost of branch-to-branch calling. They selected Digicorp and the 3COM NBX phone system as their partners to meet these goals.


They chose the Digicorp/3COM design for several reasons. First, they liked the redundancy and efficiency of the 3COM architecture. With this approach, the branches would always have phone and voice mail service even if there was a problem on their WAN. Further, this approach put less unnecessary traffic on their WAN so that they would not have to increase their monthly WAN operating costs. Second, this system gave them centralized management of the entire system so all programming support could be done from one location. Third, the system provided all of the seamless call routing from office to office that they needed to serve their customers’ and employees’ needs. Finally, in Digicorp, they had a trusted partner with the experience of successfully implementing thousands of phone systems.

Westbury Bank has successfully grown in the competitive banking marketplace. They have succeeded because they are committed to their community, their customers and their employees. They will also continue to thrive because they are intelligent users of technology.