Carrier Services

abstract blue fiber optic isolated over black backgroundDid you know Digicorp assists clients with selecting carrier services?

Digicorp has over 20 years of experience helping clients evaluate their circuit and carrier options.  Recently, significant changes have been occurring in the marketplace and they address the two most common pain points we often discuss with our clients: 

  • Higher bandwidth needs at a reasonable cost
  • Wireless services that are cost effective

High Bandwidth Solutions:

In the last 3-5 years, carriers aggressively bundled Internet connections with local services (most commonly ISDN PRI) and long distance packages.  The products offered by the carriers have proven to significantly lower monthly phone bills.

The single 1.54 Mbps or bonded T1 solutions that were perceived as fast connection a few years ago, today seem slow.  A slower connection can be a hindrance to doing business at the faster pace required in today’s environment.

The demands for higher speed solutions drove carriers to invest in Fiber technologies.  While these options were initially out of reach financially for many businesses, we have seen substantial decreases in monthly pricing options for higher bandwidth services delivered via fiber in recent months.

For example, AT&T offers a 10Mbps Managed Internet connection with a 23-channel ISDN PRI overlay and 6900 minutes of outbound long distance for about $950.00 per month with no installation charges (even construction charges are being waived).  Other comparisons include 20Mbps connections at just over $1100, 50Mbps at $1450 and 100Mbps right around $1900.

Factor in incentives that carriers are offering, including the waiving of construction costs and inside building wiring credits, and many businesses are finding that these higher bandwidth options are beginning to make sense financially.  Especially, given the productivity gains they often realize.

If you have a 4.5 or 6.0 Mbps connection today, it may be time to renegotiate your current contract to get higher bandwidth, often for less money!

For our multi-site customers, Digicorp is seeing strong discounts applied to MPLS networks allowing higher speed connections between customer locations.   It is important to note that the carriers generally allow you to upgrade to fiber services mid-contract, so many clients find they don’t have to wait for old contracts to expire in order to upgrade to new high performance and cost effective solutions.